What To Expect

On your child’s first visit to our office, they will be welcomed into an environment filled with kind and caring team members, eager to meet them and introduce them to the fun world of dental care! Our team is not only passionate about oral health, but they are committed to seeing your child learn, grow, and succeed at caring for their teeth and gums. 

We realize that every child that enters our office is different and has different needs. That’s why we find it so important to truly get to know them. Overall, we want your child to leave our office with a positive experience and a better idea of how to care for their smile.

Preparing for the Appointment

Before your child’s first appointment in our office, we encourage you to fill out our new patient forms online. When the appointment day comes, we will all be able to dedicate time to your child’s experience and oral health needs. Please make sure to bring a fun toy for your child if needed! We’ll do our best to accommodate whatever makes them most comfortable. Depending on the age of your child, you might also want to bring extra diapers to the appointment in case they are needed. 

Your Child’s Checkup

At the beginning of the visit, we would like to take a moment to ease you into the appointment by discussing any concerns or questions you may have. Depending on your child’s age, we will be happy to speak with them too and explain the steps we take throughout the checkup! Our dentist will examine their mouth gently, including their teeth, gums, and tissues surrounding their lips and cheeks. In doing so, we can identify any current problems or signs of problems that might occur in the future. Following the examination, we will provide feedback and recommendations on areas that could be improved.

In the event that we determine that your child needs treatment, we will explain to you the treatment process and how it can help. It is important to begin having your child’s dental health checked at an early age so that they have a solid foundation for maintaining their teeth in the future. Our hope is that you will continue bringing your child to our office to receive guidance as their teeth mature and watch their smiles flourish with professional dental care!

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