Tooth Decay Prevention

From a young age, it’s essential to start stressing the importance of oral health to your child. You can educate your children on their dental health by demonstrating proper brushing techniques or providing them with books or animations about the topic. In whichever way you decide to teach them, our team at Trussville Pediatric Dentistry is here to support you. 

Our team looks forward to seeing your child every time they visit and we want to make sure they are well-equipped to prevent tooth decay. A child who has cavities and decay may experience tooth discomfort or sensitivity. There is also the possibility that they will not experience any symptoms at all! That’s why it’s important to take them to their checkups so a little problem doesn’t become a bigger one.

The Dangers of Sugary Foods & Drinks

As a parent, you can take steps to decrease the chance your child will suffer from tooth decay. From cookies to candy and juices to soft drinks, these items are full of sugar. Sugary snacks and drinks shouldn’t be given to your child too often. Sugar bonds with plaque and bacteria on your child’s teeth to produce acid that eats away at their enamel. Limiting your child’s access to these types of food and drinks can greatly enhance the health of their teeth and decrease the likelihood of them getting cavities. 

The Important of a Great Oral Health Routine

Another way to prevent tooth decay is to start a healthy brushing and flossing routine for your child. When your child brushes twice a day and flosses once a day, plaque and bacteria will have a hard time attaching to their teeth. If your child is having difficulty brushing and flossing certain parts of their mouth, a dental sealant may be recommended in order to protect their teeth.

Schedule an appointment with our office if you would like to know more about how you can prevent cavities and tooth decay in your child. You can depend on our dental care experts to work with you to find options that will help maintain your child’s teeth.

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